The Center for Innovation and Research in Business Sciences and Information Systems (CIICESI) is a functional unit for innovation and research, community service and knowledge dissemination in its public domain. The Center comprises 53 researchers (43 PhDs), specialists in various fields of Business Sciences and Information Systems, namely, Regional and Local Development, Business and Organizational Strategy, Quality Management, New Information Technologies, Management and Industrial Engineering, Management of Information Systems, Transport, Distribution and Logistics, Decision Support Systems, Business Information Systems and Project Management.

CIICESI’s mission is the promotion of Research, Development, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, at the service of Public and Private Institutions.

CIICESI fulfills its mission through the design and implementation of R&D projects and the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge, specialized and postgraduate training, development of new products and services, and dissemination actions within its areas of expertise. CIICESI wants its activities to have a national and international impact on the scientific community, public and private institutions and organizations and individuals in the surrounding environment.

ESTG has chosen to set up only one research group to promote researchers from different backgrounds to contribute to joint research projects. This is not, however, impeding that there are specific projects developed by researchers with the same background.

The interdisciplinary nature of the center is one of its most important factors in view of the development of the region in which it is located - Tâmega and Sousa - being the only public research center in the territory. In this sense, to better meet the needs of the business community, a strategic reflection was made during 2017 so that the various areas could contribute to the same end.

CIICESI is convinced that the Tâmega and Sousa Region could be a turning point for the empirical process of Industry 4.0 and the application of advanced production processes, particularly in the field of IoT. This conviction was put into practice through an integrated action plan that comprises exploration and strategic reflection activities of these two new concepts, thus identifying specific opportunities and projects for the implementation of formal mechanisms of technology and knowledge transfer in these domains, involving the scientific community and the business fabric of the Region.

As strategic objectives we can state the following:

  • Boost the innovation ecosystem of the Tâmega e Sousa Region for the industrial revolution - Industry 4.0;
  • Position CIICESI as the reference interface for technology and knowledge transfer projects in the Industry 4.0 and IoT domains;
  • Strengthen formal technology transfer mechanisms with emphasis on advanced production systems;
  • Contribute to the competitiveness of the region’s industry and, at the same time, to its socio-economic development

Industrial activity is a key lever for the development of research, innovation, productivity, balanced job creation and exports.

In the Tâmega and Sousa region industry plays a central role in the economy, accounting for 41% of value added in economic terms (compared with 15% in the EU). The entrepreneurial fabric of the Tâmega e Sousa region is substantially made up of industrial companies that are primarily responsible for employment in the region.