The International Academic Partnership for Generation Z

Name: The International Academic Partnership for Generation Z

Entities involved: Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Uniwersytet Warminsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie, WSB University in ToruĊ„, RISEBA UNIVERSITY, Masaryk University

Responsible: Nelson Duarte

Other researchers from CIICESI: Carla Pereira


The aim of the project is to develop international scientific cooperation of universities in the area ofGeneration Z behaviour in the labour market: to study the factors that motivate Generation Z and todiagnose differences in the motivation of young employees in the international dimension.

The project is a response to the lack of a comprehensive diagnosis of the youngest generation Z inthe literature on the subject and their preferences in terms of motivation and commitment.


  • Preparation of research methodology and creation of a research tool;
  • Conducting research on the Z generation;
  • Development of research material and creation of a model formotivating the Z generation;
  • Preparation of publications popularising the results of scientificresearch in the international arena;
  • Popularisation of research results on an international scale (articles,conferences, information materials for employers).