Digital Industry Survey

Name: Digital Industry Survey

Entities involved: Finance XXI

Responsible: Carla Pereira and Nelson Duarte

Other researchers from CIICESI: António Manuel Amaral, Davide Rua Carneiro, João Ricardo Ramos, Ricardo Jorge Santos


Just as internationalization has been the great challenge for organizations in the last decade, digitalization is, in parallel with the climate transition, a great design for organizations and an essential condition for their competitiveness in the coming years.

The current pandemic COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digitalization in different areas of the business, such as e-commerce platforms.

Ignoring the digitalization will not make it disappear. But the lack of a digital vision could leave organizations without the skills to compete in the international market. Digitization remains an abstract concept for many organizations that still do not know the applications that digitization can have in their products, processes and strategy.

Its benefits are not fully understood, digitization requires investment, commitment and openness to change, and its effects may not be as immediate as other types of investment.

This innovative and pioneering tool in the Tâmega and Sousa region will allow organizations to instantly know their level of digital maturity, with regard to the dimensions of their product, process and strategy.

Two possibilities of analysis are offered: the self-diagnosis of your digital maturity and a comparison of your maturity in sectorial and / or regional terms. The first phase will result in a radiography of the region regarding the capacity of the business community to respond to the challenges posed by Industry 4.0. It also presents itself as an excellent decision support tool in the definition of business and regional priorities and strategies.

This digital maturity assessment tool is based on an analysis of the state of the art on projects and offers on the themes of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 and is distinguished from others, due to its regional and industrial aspect. It is through this instrument that we intend to characterize the digital maturity of the region's manufacturing industry.