Tâmega e Sousa - Qualify And Brand On

Name: Tâmega e Sousa - Qualify And Brand On

Reference: Norte-02-0853-FEDER-000127

Funding entity: Norte 2020 - Norte-53-2016-07 Sistema de Apoio às Ações Coletivas - "Qualificação"

Global budget: 1.265.345,00 €

Financing allocated to CIICESI/ESTG/IPP: 183 082,00€

Entities involved: CIM-TS, CETS

Responsible: Vítor Lélio da Silva Braga

Other researchers from CIICESI: Carla Pereira


Public policies aimed at creating territorial processes of innovation and strengthening competitiveness, and consequently of economic development and business promotion, are increasingly based on intervention models based on articulated action, in a given territorial context, based, among others, on:

  • initiatives to support the development of localized groupings of companies, namely through the implementation of measures that favor the development, in this territorial context, of actions or initiatives to increase collective efficiency and encourage the development of collective initiatives that involve the most relevant public and private agents located there;
  • actions and regulations to encourage the development and sophistication of procedures and models of governance with a view to creating a territorial context favorable to entrepreneurial initiative and development of economic activity, strengthening the collective efficiency of the territory and increasing local and regional competitiveness;
  • actions to encourage the relationship of each territory and the respective agents.

Taken as a whole, Tâmega e Sousa is a heavily industrialized region, the manufacturing industry represents 41% of the CIM-TS gross added value. This industrial propensity is sectorally specialized. The average size of companies in the territory is classified as SME and most have a very large incorporation limited, in their processes, of the so-called "dynamic competitiveness factors" and namely of knowledge and innovation.

The affirmation of the tourist potential of Tâmega e Sousa can be an important element of diversification economic base. The affirmation of this tourist potential will have to go through a better structuring of the tourism products and products and a promotion strategy that takes into account the articulation between all the stakeholders, from the public to the private sector.

Given the importance and challenges that arise in this moment in the region, it is the intention of the CIM-TS develop a project that can adequately respond to the needs of the territory of your fabric and stimulating the economy. Thus, in co-promotion with the Tâmega Business Council and Sousa and with the School of Technology and Management of Felgueiras, candidate for a set of actions, assuming a leadership role in a transformation process for Tâmega and Sousa with a view to environmental exemplarity, economic dynamism and human and institutional cohesion.