Guidelines for facilitating the learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by School Students of Grades

Name: Guidelines for facilitating the learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by School Students of Grades

Reference: 2021-1-CY01-KA220-SCH-000032567

Funding entity: Erasmus+

Global budget: 235.732,00 €

Financing allocated to CIICESI/ESTG/IPP: 27.796,00 €

Entities involved: Cyprus Mathematical Society (coordinator);School of Management and Technology (P.PORTO);Plovdiv University (Bulgaria);Spiru Haret University (Romania); Prof. Ivan Apostolov (Bulgaria); ITC PACLE Institute “Elsa Morante” (Italy); INSTITUTE OF ACCELERATING SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS (Greece); Doukas School (Greece); University of Cyprus (Cyprus).

Responsible: Ricardo Santos

Other researchers from CIICESI: Fábio Silva,Davide Carneiro,João Ramos


The objectives of the FACILITATE-AI project is to support school teachers(the facilitators of learning) in developing an inquiry base and evidence-based understanding of the complexities and principles of AI, the algorithmic creative thinking, and how these can be integrated in the school students’ learning process for promoting creative problem solving, adaptability to change, and progressive design through a STEAME interdisciplinary approach . In doing it is planned to : 1. Support school “facilitators for learning” in their understanding of AI use in everyday life. 2. Prepare school teachers to develop competence for becoming good facilitators of learning AI to their students, considering applications, strengths, and weaknesses, in line with Digital Competence Framework 2.0 and Digital Education Framework. 3. Contribute to the Enhancing of digital skills and competences for the digital transformation, which requires basic digital skills and competences from an early age such as good knowledge and understanding of data-intensive technologies, such as artificial intelligence 4. Support teachers and students in developing problem solving skills, computational thinking and design thinking involving AI tools and methods. SUPPORT THE NEEDS OF TARGET GROUPS: The main target audience of the project is the teacher group facilitating the learning of students of grades 7-12, including initial and in- service teachers and teacher trainers. In the consortium countries and in most European Countries, teacher training does not provide knowledge and competences in using digital tools and AI-based technologies.