Smart System for Street Lighting Management

Name: Smart System for Street Lighting Management

Reference: Projeto 23577

Funding entity: Programa Operacional Regional do Norte – Projetos de Investigação Científica e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (IC&DT) - AAC nº 02/SAICT/2016

Global budget: 137.760,49 €

Financing allocated to CIICESI/ESTG/IPP: 88.700,88 €

Entities involved: INESC TEC, COMPTA – Emerging Business, S.A.

Responsible: Dorabela Gamboa

Other researchers from CIICESI: Carla Pereira, Cristóvão Sousa, Davide Carneiro e Ricardo Jorge Santos


The energy costs of public lighting amounts to 50% of the municipalities’ expenses with energy. If municipalities simply deactivate fixtures in order to reduce costs, a decrease of PL quality will occur, affecting the safety of drivers and pedestrians and increasing the likelihood of accidents and crime. The aim of this proposal is to develop an intelligent Energy Management System in the form of a Decision Support System. It will integrate various data sources, to be able to identify and define how to act in many different sources of energy consumption in order to ensure their optimization and proper management. It will automate routinized tasks and improve human decision making.

Our goal is to provide a market solution which enables the reduction of energy costs and, on the other hand, a more efficient and correct equipment management while maintaining the safety and comfort of drivers and pedestrians. Significant impacts are expected at an economic, environmental and social level. The project’s consortium brings together all the key organizations to assure the 3SLM success: Public and private highly recognized R&D institutions; a notorious IT enterprise with large experience in the project’s area; and the Intermunicipal Community of Tâmega e Sousa (CIM-TS) that will assure the involvement of the municipalities.